Internal Family Systems Therapy

From time to time, almost all of us will have internal conflicts arising from different feelings or thoughts. We can recognize this phenomenon in everyday speech when people refer to distinct “parts” of themselves. “Part of me feels this way about it, but another part of me feels the opposite.”

The more stress we experience as the result of such internal conflicts, the more likely we are for one or more of these “parts” of ourselves to become extreme or even polarized. This can cause us to feel trapped and burdened by these painful conflicts, as well as by our efforts to protect ourselves from the pain.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy is a way to help people heal by teaching them to listen to the different “parts” inside themselves in a new way, and in the process, to unburden themselves of the extreme beliefs, emotions, sensations, and urges that constrain their lives.

Since we live in a larger social and cultural context, IFS also addresses family relationships, friendships, and broader sources of support and stress in people’s lives.

As they learn to let go, they have more access to their true internal sense of “SELF”, and they are more able to lead their lives from a centered, confident, compassionate place.

Learn to let go.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy is one of the most sensible and effective forms of therapy and counseling I have worked with in the last 35 years. It draws from most of the traditional knowledge and wisdom in the field.

IFS considers current life and relationship stressors, as well as your internal feelings, thoughts and experiences and perceptions. It empowers you to find internal resources and strengths.

Find your inner strength.