Individual Counseling Services

People seek psychotherapy for many different reasons:


Sometimes people just need some guidance and coaching with general relationship problems, or vague feelings of agitation, disconnection or unhappiness. Other times, people are seeking insight and support to help them get through a specific life crisis.

Do you often find that no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to overcome the stress and discomfort that you feel in your life? Repeating bouts of unhappiness are often triggered by cyclic patterns in a job, or relationship. Though prompted by current events, these recurring negative thoughts and feelings have their roots in past experiences that color your feelings and reactions in the present.

Personal Coaching Is Key.

Individual therapy will help you change those old messages and feelings, so that you can fully experience and appreciate your life. Together we will work to change not just the way you act and react, but the way you feel. Your past experiences are used to help you understand, then change the way you view yourself and your situation. These shifts allow you to change the way you live and act, today and in the future.

I work in a respectful, collaborative, and completely confidential way. Our first priority will be to establish a safe and trusting space to work together as a team. Then, using the individual therapy tools that best meet your needs, we will identify the problems that brought you to where you are, clarify what you wish to change, and determine how we will achieve your goals.

Therapy is much more than just focusing on your problems; it’s a way for you to recognize and develop your internal strengths. But first and foremost, therapy is a process that leads to self–empowerment and relationship enrichment.

Therapy: the path to personal growth.